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TBIs can be caused by personal injuries

Personal injuries are caused by personal injury accidents. And, if you have watched daytime television for any amount of time, you know the hallmark of personal injury accidents is the car accident and the physical injuries that result. As a result, many people do not know that traumatic brain injuries are just as common as physical injuries, but since they can be invisible, they often go untreated. But, untreated TBIs get worse, and they can even eventually kill their Lakeland, Florida, victims.

How are they invisible?

By their nature, TBIs are internal injuries, so unless they are accompanied by some sort of external injury or sign, they are invisible. And, since they can be caused by any jolt to the body, even when unaccompanied by a jolt to the head, victims may not even know they have a head injury.

External signs?

The most common external signs are if you lost consciousness after the initial personal injury accident. Even a short loss of consciousness can be the result of a TBI. Any sign of a physical impact to your head can also be a TBI sign, like head bruises, cuts, bleeding or a clear liquid leaking from your nose or ears.

Symptoms you may notice

While you may not realize the headache is a TBI symptom at first, if your post-accident headache keeps coming back, it may indeed be a TBI symptom. You experience nausea (with or without vomiting), fatigue (with or without drowsiness), problems with speech and dizziness. You may have some sensitivity to light or sound, blurred vision and ringing ears.

Symptoms others may notice

Other sensory problems include changes to your smell and taste, but you may not notice that you are tasting or smelling differently. For example, your favorite foods may suddenly taste horrible. You may also lose consciousness, but only those around you will notice this. You could also experience mood swings and changes, and even personality changes.


The key here is that you should not “tough it out” after a personal injury accident. Get help from a Lakeland, Florida, medical professional.

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