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Lakeland Parenting Plan & Timesharing Attorney

During a divorce, agreeing on where your child will live, how often you will spend time with your child, and in what ways you and your ex-spouse will share in your child’s milestones is a difficult task. The idea of having restricted access and going days without physically holding your son or daughter is equally upsetting. It is no surprise that many parents react by clinging to their children and fighting hard for custody.

This emotionally super-charged issue makes it vital to work with an experienced family lawyer to ensure the best interests of your child. An attorney versed in crafting and implementing parenting plans and timesharing agreements will ensure they comply with the law. They will also preserve your rights to have a relationship with your child and make sure they are protected. You’ll find these qualities in the trusted family law attorney at Darla K. Snead, P.L. Call our experienced Lakeland parenting plan & timesharing attorney today.

Parenting Plans

Ideally, both parents will have frequent and ongoing contact with their children, enabling them to share meaningfully in the joys and responsibilities of parenting. A parenting plan is a written document that facilitates co-parenting by spelling out how the parents will share this responsibility. Parenting plans are a required part of the divorce process when the couple has minor children. A parenting plan can be as detailed as desired, but at a minimum, it must include the following components:

  • How the parents are sharing responsibility for the daily tasks of parenting
  • When the children will be spending time with each parent
  • Which parent will be responsible for healthcare and educational matters, including whose address will be used to determine which school the child goes to
  • How the parents will communicate with the children (phone, text, email, facetime, etc.) when the child is with the other parent

In the best scenario, the parents come together and work out a parenting plan that meets their needs, and the court reviews and approves the plan. When the parents can’t agree, however, the judge will have to make the decision for them. Lakeland family law attorney Darla K. Snead is an experienced trial attorney, as well as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator who excels in helping parties put aside conflict and reach consensus on the best way to move forward. She is also a skilled and successful courtroom litigator who serves as a staunch advocate for clients at trial. At Darla K. Snead, P.L., we’ll help you craft a workable parenting plan that is best for you and your family. If an agreement can’t be reached, we’ll put together a strong case to inform the court of important factors relevant to developing an appropriate parenting plan. These factors can include, for example:

  • Any history of abuse or domestic violence
  • The history and strength of the children’s relationship with each parent
  • How willing each parent is to encourage a close relationship between the child and the other parent
  • Each parent’s social support system
  • Where each parent lives

Depending on the age and maturity level of the children, they may be asked to express their preference in this area and have that preference taken into consideration by the court.


Timesharing, what used to be called custody and visitation, spells out how much time the children spend with each parent and when. A timesharing schedule is a required component of the parenting plan. While timesharing schedules may need to be flexible at times, the more detailed they can be, the easier it is to follow the schedule without any confusion, mistakes, or disagreements. At a minimum, a timesharing schedule should address the following:

  • A residential schedule/everyday schedule showing which parent the child is with throughout the week and on weekends
  • A schedule for holidays
  • A schedule for summer break

As with parenting plans, the best scenario is for the parents to work together in creating a timesharing schedule that works best for their family. There are many different ways to divide up parenting time, whether it is an equal amount of timesharing for each parent, or where one parent exercises the majority of the time.

How Darla K. Snead, P.L., Can Help

Although it’s possible to modify a parenting plan or timesharing schedule down the road, this usually requires the existence of extraordinary circumstances that were unforeseen at the time the plan was created. It’s important, therefore, to take the time to talk over every aspect of parenting and timesharing with your co-parent and your legal professional to create a parenting plan and timesharing schedule that covers all the bases and is likely to work well for your family needs now and into the future.

At Darla K. Snead, P.L., we are well-versed in handling custody disputes where the parents initially don’t agree on parenting and timesharing issues. We bring all our skills and experience together to try to resolve these matters collaboratively, but we don’t hesitate to go to court when necessary. Our family law attorney has a diverse legal background and has handled contested matters at all stages of the legal process.

If you and your ex-partner both want what is best for your child but are having difficulty expressing that, attorney Darla K. Snead can advocate for you and create an environment where an acceptable compromise is possible. If you are trying to co-parent with an individual who is purposely inconveniencing or hurting you through this process, she will do whatever it takes to defend your parental rights and protect your best interests.

Divorce is never easy, but going through it with a trusted support system will positively impact your stress levels. When you choose Darla K. Snead, P.L., Attorney at Law you can feel comfortable reaching out with questions or concerns and discussing what you want to get out of the divorce process.

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For help with parenting plans and timesharing in Polk County divorce cases, paternity proceedings or child custody disputes, reach out to Darla K. Snead, P.L. Attorney at Law in Lakeland for trusted advice and zealous representation.

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