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What can you do if you are sharing the road with a drunk driver?

Who does not like having a glass of wine at their Thanksgiving dinner, eggnog at the family Christmas celebration or champagne on New Year’s Eve? The holidays are here in Lakeland and for most people this means enjoying a drink responsibly.

Still, some people take their drinking too far and get behind the wheel of a car when drunk. If you realize you are sharing the road with a drunk driver you are likely concerned for your safety and the safety of others. After all, drunk drivers can cause catastrophic car accidents.

How to spot a drunk driver

Not all drivers are responsible drivers. For example, a drunk driver will drive erratically and may not follow the rules of the road. The following are some ways to spot a drunk driver.

A drunk driver may:

  • Have trouble staying in their own lane
  • Drift onto the rumble strip or close to the dividing line
  • Speed or alternatively drive well below the speed limit
  • Stop for no reason in the middle of the street
  • Fail to stop at stop signs or traffic signals
  • Drive the wrong way down the street

Simply put, a drunk driver is not in control of their vehicle and can easily cause a car crash.

What to do if you spot a drunk driver

If you think you are sharing the road with a drunk driver, you can report them to the Florida Highway Patrol by pulling over to a safe place and dialing Star FHP (*347) on your cell phone. This will allow you to contact the closest FHP communications center. There is no cost to use this service.

Drunk drivers are negligent drivers

Drunk drivers can easily cause a catastrophic car crash. Your holiday can be ruined if you are struck by a drunk driver on your way home from the celebration. Even worse, a drunk driving accident can cause you to suffer serious injuries that will take significant time and expense to heal from.

If a drunk driver strikes you, you likely have many concerns about how you will cope with the many expenses you now face. Moreover, you want to hold the drunk driver accountable for driving so negligently. You deserve to have your day in court by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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