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Statistics show Florida pedestrians at high risk

Auto accidents are a common source of worry in Florida and across the nation. At significant risk of injuries and death are those who are not in a vehicle at all, but share the road with cars and trucks. Specifically, that refers to bicyclists and pedestrians. The lack of protection leaves them vulnerable to catastrophic injuries and death with all the negative consequences for them and their family. Troublingly, Florida’s pedestrian fatality statistics were on the rise in 2021. That should give people pause when they head out and they should know what to do after an accident has happened.

Florida pedestrian fatalities rose by nearly one-third

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, pedestrian deaths were up across the United States. Notably, Florida had 444 such deaths. This was almost one-third more than there were in 2020. This increase came after pedestrian deaths had decreased from 2019 to 2020. Judging by the statistics from the GHSA, this was a nationwide challenge. The numbers for the full year are still being accrued and analyzed, but for the first six months, pedestrian deaths spiked by almost 17% with over 500 more people dying than in the prior year. The past decade saw a 46% rise in pedestrian fatalities.

Experts are sounding the alarm and striving for solutions to the growing problem. They say that people who are trying to reduce automobile use and enhance their own health by walking should not need to worry about being hit by a car. Part of the problem is attributed to road construction. Not only are they designed for drivers to move at greater speeds, but the sidewalks are not designed for pedestrians to be easily seen nor to have adequate safety.

In addition, drivers are distracted more than ever and the recent national challenges and emptier roads made them accustomed to driving recklessly and at higher speeds. That has carried over as society slowly returns to normal. Warm weather states Florida, Texas and California accrued 37% of pedestrian fatalities in 2021 despite only account for 27% of the population in the country.

The aftermath of a pedestrian accident

Pedestrians who have been hit by a car are prone to suffering broken bones, cuts, spinal cord damage, brain injuries and more. If they survive, they could have massive medical costs and an uncertain future. When the auto accident results in a fatality, family members must come to grips with the unexpected and unnecessary loss in every conceivable way. The entire incident must be looked at to weigh the options and take appropriate action. Having experienced help can be essential to knowing what steps to take.

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