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Monthly Archives: February 2024


4 Crucial Things To Know About Child Support in Florida

By Darla K. Snead, P.L. |

In Florida, after parents get a divorce, one parent may be required to send the other parent child support every month. Child support plays a crucial role after a divorce. It is meant to provide financial help to children to ensure they are well taken care of despite their parents no longer being together…. Read More »

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Comparative Negligence in Car Accident Cases in Florida

By Darla K. Snead, P.L. |

When a car accident occurs, and more than one party is to blame, the principle of comparative negligence kicks in. Under comparative negligence, each party‚Äôs fault is assessed, and each party’s percentage of fault is assigned based on their contribution to the accident. Comparative negligence laws help determine how much the plaintiff is eligible… Read More »

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