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What causes motorcycle accidents?

Florida is known for its beautiful weather, which allows its residents to engage in enjoyable outdoor activities. Motorcycling is not only a reliable transportation option but a fun hobby for many Florida residents.

As a motorcyclist, you have an equal right to the road. However, because your motorcycle is smaller than other vehicles, other drivers may miss seeing you as they shift lanes or enter or exit a highway.

Speeding and distracted driving

Drivers do many things that increase the chance of a motorcycle accident. Speeding and distracted driving are factors in numerous motorcycle accidents. Drivers who do not pay attention to the road are much more likely to crash into a motorcycle because they do not see it while speeding drivers often see the motorcycle at the last minute.

Many motorcycle accidents happen at intersections when a driver is making a left turn. The driver may underestimate how close you are to them or simply fail to see you all together. A motorcycle accident involving this type of direct impact can cause major injuries or even be fatal.

Drivers should also be giving you plenty of room when they are passing you. Passing too narrowly can cause their vehicle to swipe yours, potentially causing you to collide with another vehicle or veer off the road.

Consequences of a motorcycle accident

Negligent actions on the part of other drivers can result in catastrophic motorcycle crashes. The injuries from a motorcycle accident are often severe or life-threatening, with victims requiring extensive medical treatment and experiencing extreme mental and emotional distress.

A personal injury action can potentially provide you with compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering, but each case is different, and proving negligence is challenging. Personal injury attorneys evaluate the specific facts of an accident and provide valuable advice.

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