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Common divorce mediation myths dispelled

Florida residents have seen the scene play out on television often enough- a divorcing couple acting as adversaries towards one another and fighting over every last aspect of their divorce. Divorce is portrayed as a high stakes game of poker, and everything is up for grabs. In reality, though, divorce does not have to be like this. Couples are turning towards mediation as a healthy and realistic alternative to litigation. However, there are some myths that often keep couples from taking this approach and these are debunked below.

It is not possible to negotiate with my soon to be ex

Many couples are unable to be in the same room with one another by the time they are divorcing one another, much less negotiate with each other. What they do not realize is that the mediator is the one who is guiding the conversation and ensuring it remains productive.

A mediator will try to convince the couple to remain married

A mediator’s job is not to fix the couple’s problems-the mediator is not a therapist. The mediator is working on a fair and workable way to separate the couple.

The assets will not be fairly divided in mediation

Just like parties have to disclose their assets in a traditional divorce, they have to be disclosed during mediation. Outside experts such as accountants and appraisers can also be called in during mediation.

Child custody cannot be determined through mediation

In fact, child custody mediations are often more productive than courtroom arguments. Divorcing couples have to maintain a relationship for the sake of their children and careful consideration often shows they are on the same side, when it comes to their child’s best interests. Working together, parents can create a parenting plan that they both agree to.

As great as mediation can be, it is not the best solution for everyone. Every split is different and an experienced attorney can assess one’s circumstances to determine what strategy would be best.

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