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When Should A Florida Plan Be Modified?

Parents or spouses may seek a modification to child custody or support plans. An ex-spouse may also seek to change the amount of spousal support that is paid or received.

At Darla K. Snead, P.L. Attorney at Law, our team understands when a modification is warranted and how to proceed. She also assists parents who believe that a requested modification is not in the best interest of the child or children.

Instances That May Warrant A Parenting Plan Or Child Support Modification

In order to modify an approved parenting plan after your divorce in Florida, the parent seeking the modification must prove that an extraordinary, unforeseen circumstance has happened that requires an alteration to the existing plan.

In regard to parenting time agreements, there are many things that could cause a parent to seek a modification. Four of the most common reasons are:

  • You and your ex cannot agree to the change in plans
  • One parent isn’t adhering to the existing plan or agreement
  • With the current plan, the child or children are in an unhealthy, harmful or dangerous situation
  • One parent moves and this adversely affects the current parenting plan

When parenting time is significantly changed, it can also affect the amount of child support that is paid or received.

  • Typically, the parent who spends the least amount of time with the child or children will pay more in support.
  • The amount of support paid or received can be affected by changes in income or significant changes in a parent’s health or ability to work.

We offer seasoned counsel on Florida parenting plan and child support modifications. The child’s needs are always the top priority when considering a change.

When To Seek A Spousal Support Modification

Some types of alimony are more readily modified than others. Only when both spouses have agreed to never modify alimony in the original settlement is a modification impossible. However, a significant change in income may warrant a revised alimony payment. Some things that can affect the alimony amount are if:

  • One spouse receives a large inheritance
  • One spouse wins the lottery
  • The spouse paying alimony retires
  • The spouse who receives support gets remarried
  • The spouse receiving alimony is shown to have committed fraud

Attorney Darla K. Snead has decades of experience guiding clients through support modification issues. Turn to us for the guidance and counsel you need.

Can Changes To Existing Agreements Be Made Outside Of Court?

In some cases, you and your ex may be able to make mutually agreed-upon changes to your plan outside of court. Partnering with an experienced attorney can ensure that your updated agreement is legal and that it takes into consideration what is best for your child or children. Darla K. Snead has mediated hundreds of cases during her career and helped many clients settle their cases at mediation.

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