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During your free initial consultation, Ms. Snead will evaluate your auto, motorcycle or trucking accident case and advise you on how to proceed.  There is no attorney's fee at all unless recovery is made in your case.

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Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

In order to assist your attorney in maximizing your recovery, it is helpful for you:

  • To call the police to prepare a report and document the accident. If the police are unable to prepare a report, that you obtain the drivers’ name, address and insurance information.

  • To document the accident scene and the damage to the vehicles by taking photos with your cell phone.

  • To write down information about how the accident occurred and other statements you hear made by the at fault party. It is best not to discuss the accident with others involved in the accident.

  • To seek medical treatment immediately. If you do not go to a hospital, it is important to at least get checked out by a medical doctor right away. When you seek treatment, it is also important to make the provider aware that you were in an accident and provide them with your insurance card so your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage will be billed for your medical treatment.

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Motor Vehicle Insurance


Certain motor vehicle insurance is required by Florida law. The law requires that every driver carry at least $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. The PIP coverage pays for an injured person’s medical costs up to the policy amount in the event of an accident, regardless of that person’s fault. Drivers are also required to maintain a minimum of $10,000 in property damage liability to cover any damage caused to another person’s property which is damaged in a car accident. These minimal amounts of insurance are often not sufficient to compensate a person who was injured in an accident. By consulting an experienced Lakeland attorney like Ms. Snead, you can learn what money damages you may be entitled to by pursuing a claim against the responsible party and/or your own insurance company.

If you are in pain, you should seek medical treatment the day of the accident if possible.  Most people don't really like going to the doctor, but although you may not require transportation by ambulance to the hospital, it is important to have a doctor examine your right away.  Florida law requires that you seek medical treatment within 14 days of an accident or you may be giving up very important benefits under your insurance policy. When an accident occurs, there could be several insurance policies that may apply.  It is important to consult with an attorney, like Ms. Snead, who has years of experience reviewing and interpreting insurance policies in order to rest assured that you are pursuing a claim against all responsible parties. 

Automobile Accident Overview


Anyone driving a motor vehicle in Florida has a legal obligation to use reasonable care while operating their vehicle. If a driver does not use reasonable care, by violating any traffic laws, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or otherwise causes injury to another while not using reasonable care, the driver will be liable for any injuries and property damage sustained by the other person.

It is important to consult with an accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident and seek medical treatment if you are injured. Florida law now requires that you seek medical treatment within 14 days of an accident or you may be giving up valuable benefits under your insurance policy.

Unfortunately, auto, motorcycle and trucking accidents can result in long lasting and serious injuries. Without an experienced personal injury attorney fighting for your rights, you may not recover the full amount of damages for which you are entitled. All of these accident cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means that you only owe an attorney’s fee when a successful resolution is reached in your case. You may be entitled to compensation in the form of money damages for the following: Past and Future Medical Bills Pain and Suffering Loss Wages or loss of future earning capacity Property Damages.

It is important to consult with an accident attorney, like Ms. Snead, who has years of experience reviewing and interpreting insurance policies, in order to rest assured that you are pursuing a claim against all responsible parties.

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To Prepare For YOUR Meeting With The Attorney

Gather and bring:

  • Any documents or photographs related to the accident
  • All motor vehicle insurance cards
  • All health insurance cards (Including private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid)
  • Any medical bills or medical records
  • A list of all Hospitals, Medical Doctors or Chiropractors you have seen since the accident
  • Information about any work you have missed because of the accident

Additionally, it is important to discuss with the attorney how the accident has affected your ability to work or any limitations on your daily activities. The attorney will want to know in detail what physical problems you are experiencing that you believe are caused by the accident and how often you are experiencing those problems. Therefore, it is helpful to keep a calendar or notes of how you feel on a daily basis.